Maxxis Maxxcross, RAZR XM tires get dirt riders race-ready

Publish Date: 
Mar 25, 2014

Maxxis has been making large strides in supporting motorsports by creating race-ready tires that real riders can afford.

For motocross, Maxxis introduced its latest Maxxcross MX IT tire late last year. As the name suggests, the MX IT is an intermediate terrain tire, specifically designed for outdoor MX environments.

The Maxxcross excels in these conditions thanks to two primary factors. First, dual-compound technology allows the MX IT to tune rubber compounds for specific goals. The front tire uses a firmer compound for stability with a “cap” of softer rubber for peak braking and cornering traction.

The rear tire uses the harder rubber along the shoulder knobs for cornering stability with a full soft-center compound for maximum upright traction, boosting acceleration and helping the rider go for the holeshot. And despite featuring a lightweight construction ideal for racing, the MX IT uses a reinforced sidewall to maintain the tire’s profile and eliminate the rolling sensation of a too-soft tire, while still being able to absorb larger hits. The Maxxcross is available in the common 80/100-21 front and 110/90-19 rear sizes to fit all the common MX bikes.

On the ATV circuit, Maxxis also offers a bespoke racing tire, the RAZR XM. Designed for ATV motocross, the XM uses a soft compound construction for maximum traction, feedback, and handling. The tread pattern spacing is further optimized for intermediate to loamy conditions, and the lightweight two-ply carcass reduces overall weight. Available in a range of sizes for 8-, 9- and 10-inch rims, the RZR XM is a match for focused MX racing ATV set-ups.