Mel Selway to build, present model store room at Dealer Expo

Publish Date: 
Jun 9, 2014

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Dealer Expo announces that asset management expert Mel Selway of P.A.R.T.S.* will create a Model Store Room for the DX Dealership -- a model retail outlet -- during Dealer Expo 2014, this Dec. 5-7 in Chicago.

“While we’ve had model showrooms at the show for many years that highlight merchandising techniques, the DX Store Room is a first,” said Tracy Harris, senior vice president of Advanstar’s Powersports Group (parent of Dealernews).  “When you realize how much of a retailer’s cash is tied up in that one aspect of the business, you start to understand just how useful this feature will be.”

The DX Store Room will showcase optimal storage techniques for parts, accessories and gear inventory. Selway will deliver hourly presentations on inventory management and how to move obsolete parts. The Store Room will show:

  • How to minimize space, so you can stock more or expand your showroom floor,
  • How to organize for ease of location so you don't keep customers waiting,
  • How to help the sale, by generating POS materials for associated items, and
  • How to organize for exceptions by eliminating "dead weight" and avoiding "lost" inventory.

“It’s not surprising how often stock rooms get a bit disorganized and become repositories for goods that are pulled and not properly re-stocked or parts that are returned and dumped in a bin,” Selway said. “But many are amazed to learn how much money even minimal disorganization is costing their business.”

Selway has worked in the vehicle industry since 1971, beginning as a set-up technician at a Honda-Yamaha-BSA dealership and continuing as a parts associate, parts manager and parts director in powersports and automotive dealerships. In 1990 Selway formed P.A.R.T.S.* (Parts Analysis, Renovation & Training Services Inc.) which offers asset and business management services to the vehicle industry at the dealership and manufacturer levels.

Selway's primary focus is the effective management of business assets – parts, accessories, gear, equipment, space, database and personnel. Selway can be contacted at 888.2.GET.MEL;

Previously announced for Dealer Expo 2014 is the DX National Retailer Conference, which includes Mark Rodgers’ “Accsellerate the Sales” Workshop, The Retail Owners Institute, which will present lively and practical retail financial management training, and Dealership University, which will deliver three exclusive workshops as part of an in-depth Marketing Track educational program. Additional programs will be announced in June, said Mary Slepicka, group content director for Dealernews, which is organizing the conference.

Dealer Expo will be held Friday, Dec. 5 through Sunday, Dec. 7 at McCormick Place West in downtown Chicago. It will be preceded by the one-day DX National Retail Conference on Thursday, Dec. 4. All registered retail attendees are invited to the DX National Retail Conference educational sessions free of charge.

Attendee registration and hotel reservations are now open. Visit for information.