MIC dealer membership comes with a caveat

Publish Date: 
Mar 7, 2013
By Joe Delmont

The MIC stated that it believes dealer membership facilitates a communication channel that enables OEMs to develop "the best possible business model for all stakeholders." 

Not everyone is sold.

OEMs "want to be set up for even greater control on dealers when the economy picks up and sales begin to increase by diluting to whatever extent dealers can push back against OEM abuses through passing dealer franchise protection legislation,” said John Paliwoda, executive director of the National Council of Motorcycle Dealer Associations (NCMDA) and the California Motorcycle Dealers Association.

Paliwoda believes dealers should just say no. “Joining no trade association is better than belonging to one that fails to support or, worse, opposes dealers on the most important issue facing them: dealer-OEM relations,” he said. “Why would a dealer cast a vote in favor of a group by joining it, if the group wants lawmakers to vote against dealer rights?”

Buche responded that the benefits outweigh potential conflict over franchise rights. MIC dealer/retailer dues pay for three “inarguable” services: market expansion, small business and land access advocacy, and education and training, he said.