MIC explains motorcycle exhaust sale, installation restrictions in California

Publish Date: 
May 23, 2012

The Motorcycle Industry Council and its members have developed a "Frequently Asked Questions" document aimed at clearing the air over the complexities of selling and installing aftermarket exhausts in California.

The list addresses questions dealers might have about exhaust system sales following recent investigations by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) into possible emissions violations.

A PDF of the document can be downloaded by clicking here: FAQ on sales and installation of aftermarket exhaust systems in California.

Dealers in the state have been complaining over the last two years about stepped-up enforcement by CARB regulators on the sale, installation and in some cases even showroom display of aftermarket exhausts. And it's safe to say that regulators from other states may be monitoring CARB's enforcement efforts to determine their applicability elsewhere.

The MIC document provides guidance on a number of issues, including which systems are CARB-compliant, what systems are considered replacement parts, how to tell if a modified exhaust system has been approved by the state, when it's legal to sell a modified system without a CARB label, and which sales records must be maintained by the retailer.

Posted by Dennis Johnson

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