MIC Owner Survey In Progress

Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) members will learn much more about their customers as the next census of American motorcycle and ATV riders is compiled throughout the year. The 2008 MIC Motorcycle/ATV Owner Survey will provide key demographic data about powersports enthusiasts, reveal trends and examine attitudes about riding.

The survey is being conducted January through December this year. Preliminary data will be available by mid-summer with a final repot due before 2009.

Among other findings, the MIC Owner Survey will reveal:
  • The number of owners and operators of motorcycles and ATVs
  • Demographics such as age, gender, ethnicity, occupation and income
  • What types of bikes are the most popular
  • How motorcycles are being used, for recreation or transportation
  • How much owners ride their machines
  • How much owners are customizing their machines
  • Attitudes toward riding, among owners and non-owners
  • Reasons for owners to ride and reasons why non-owners don?t ride

The survey also will inform MIC members about how the powersports landscape has changed in the last five years. Trends will be revealed by comparing the 2008 findings with the surveys from 1998 and 2003.

The industry also will learn if its customers are aging and if a greater percentage of women are riding.

"This survey is going to tell us so much about how motorcycling has changed is the new millennium, which has seen so much growth in the industry," said Pat Murphy, MIC VP, research and technology standards. "The owner survey will help MIC members with some of their key business and marketing decisions, and it's an invaluable tool for our media relations efforts."

Los Angeles-based Pacific Marketing Research is conducting the study. This is the first time that the MIC Owner Survey is being done over the Internet, instead of through random phone calls. Using the Web reduces costs by more than 50 percent, increases speed, and will make it possible to survey owners more frequently.