Michigan riders wearing helmets even after law is repealed

Publish Date: 
Jun 25, 2012

MANY WESTERN MICHIGAN riders are wearing their helmets. The MLive Group’s analysis of state police crash data for Kent, Ottawa and Allegan counties shows in the 62 West Michigan crashes involving injury over the two months, 11 cases, or 18 percent, involved riders not wearing a helmet.

Five of the 11 unhelmeted, injured west Michigan riders, or 45 percent, suffered "incapacitating" injuries, according the police records. By contrast, only 8 of 51 helmeted, injured riders, or 16 percent, sustained such injuries. Two west Michigan crashes involved unhelmeted riders escaping injury, compared to 14 helmeted riders escaped injury among reported crashes.

The data provided spanned April 12, when Gov. Rick Snyder signed the helmet law repeal, through June 17.

Posted by Holly Wagner


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