Midtronics DSS-700: next-gen battery diagnostics

Publish Date: 
Nov 11, 2013
By Bruce Steever

WILLOWBROOK, Ill. -  Midtronics said its recently announced DSS-700 Battery Diagnostic System aims to be the future-proof solution for battery servicing.

According to Midtronics, the DSS-700 answers challenges posed by future vehicles and service department needs by including capabilities for new battery and system types -- with a user interface ready for a generation of service technicians familiar with app-based technology.

Notable features of the new system include VIN-specific testing protocols using Midtronics’ Battery Management Information System (BMIS) and a touch-screen tablet controller.

The DSS-700 is claimed to be ready for nearly every type of powertrain as well, including ICE, Start-stop, hybrid and EV vehicles. The system will also be able to detect batteries with low reserve capacity, an important diagnostic when checking heavily accessorized machines.