Missouri considers allowing Sunday motorcycle sales

Publish Date: 
Feb 11, 2014

Permitting vehicle sales on Sundays would boost revenues by 17 percent for one Harley-Davidson dealer.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri lawmakers are proposing three bills that would lift part of the state’s blue law to allow for motorcycles to be sold in Platte and Jackson Counties on Sundays.

Rick Worth, principal at Worth Harley-Davidson, a Top 100 Dealer in Kansas City, will testify before lawmakers at the end of the week in favor of a motorcycle exemption to a state law that forbids car, truck and motorcycle sales on Sundays.

Not being able to sell on Sundays means Worth H-D and other dealerships lose business, mostly to dealers across state lines. That same concern prompted legislators in Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania to repeal all or part of their state’s blue laws in the last four years.

"We have estimated somewhere around 17 percent is the number we could increase our sales if we were open on Sunday, which is about $7 million, which is quite a bit. Worth estimates a payroll increase of $700,000 which means 20 added jobs at his shop, if the blue law ends.

"It is difficult to open up and make people mad, and that is kind of what we're doing right now," Worth told KCTV. His shop has been open seven days a week for 36 years, but the dealer's never sold a single motorcycle on Sundays. The shop can offer service, parts and accessories on Sundays. But staff can't even tell buyers what color a bike is, at the risk of a $300 fine.

"A customer comes in and technically they ask us if a white FatBoy is white. We can't respond to that. If they ask what size the tires are or if they can get spoke wheels, those are questions that are strictly prohibited for us to answer. And what happens is, it makes the customers upset," Worth said. He keeps a sign by the front door to tell people about the law so customers don't feel ignored.


Posted by Holly Wagner