Mitas enters the sportbike tire market with new Sport Force radial

Publish Date: 
Sep 27, 2013
By Bruce Steever

KRANJ, Slovenia - It’s rare that we see an all-new brand enter into a highly contested market niche, so it’s worth looking into one when it happens.

Mitas, primarily an off-raod tire supplier, has entered the world sports tire market with its new Sport Force radial tire.

Building upon the experience gained from existing dirt and bias-ply street tire lines, the new radial Sport Force was designed with the latest in tire technology over four years of development to create a modern dynamic sport/sport-touring tire.

Mitas includes several technologies in its Sport Force, including “3-D Optimum Groove,” for optimized tread life and thermal control, “Strong Carcass” for a uniform level of grip throughout the life of the tire and “FEA Optimized Footprint” to balance grip and stability levels through use of finite element analysis computer modeling. The tread design and compound are both aimed at the sporty end of the street tire segment, with high overall grip prioritized.

The most common sizes such as 120/70ZR17 and 180/55ZR17 are available now, with additional sizes coming early 2014, and pricing will be aimed at making the Sport Force a competitive product with existing brands.