Mizer Motor Works to distribute new line of trikes


Mizer Motor Works Inc. (MMW) will soon begin distributing a new line of three-wheel motorcycles.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company will begin wholesaling the first two models in the spring. The Mojo is a trike that the company says will appeal to seasoned motorcycle riders while attracting new riders such as college students and women. The TC-III is a step-through model that will serve as a low-cost, fun alternative method of transportation.

The Mojo is powered by a 250cc V-twin. The TC-III uses a liquid-cooled 260cc single-cylinder engine that, according to the company’s website, makes up to 17 hp.

Robert Sanders, MMW’s CEO and founder, says the company wanted to offer a safer alternative for commuters and people who were concerned about safety. “The No. 1 reason people don’t ride motorcycles is they feel they’re too dangerous,” Sanders says in a press release. “We found a way to eliminate these concerns. MMW’s products have been in development for more than five years. Our focus has always been on rider safety, without sacrificing the fun and excitement of riding a two-wheel motorcycle.”

Both models offer the following safety features:

  • A three-point triangular wheel base design and low center of gravity that offers greater stability than two-wheel bikes, especially when cornering, braking or maneuvering on wet highways
  • A patented limited-slip differential that allows the rear wheels to rotate at different speeds during turns, preventing tip-overs
  • A custom frame design with independent suspension using high-performance shocks and wide-track suspension
  • Engine design with CVT or five-speed transmission
  • An all-wheel hydraulic brake system

Mizer Works believes its trikes will appeal to a wide variety of riders, including older riders who can no longer handle a two-wheeler, female riders concerned about the safety of two-wheel motorcycles, and the “vast market of individuals that are looking for dependable, low-cost, low-maintenance and fuel-efficient transportation.”

“In an era of tough economic times and rising fuel prices,” Sanders says, “we believe that these products are exactly what consumers are looking for.”

The trikes will be officially launched at Dealer Expo in February in Indianapolis. The Mojo will have a base retail price of about $7,900, while the TC-III will retail for about $7,500. Prices in California will be slightly higher to cover CARB compliance. The trikes will be sold and maintained through established dealer networks.

The company also plans to introduce a Personal Electric Transport (PET) vehicle in 2012. Sanders says that this product will have a 100-plus-mile range between charges and be capable of going 75 mph or faster. A fully enclosed version of the PET is scheduled for introduction spring 2013.

Posted by Arlo Redwine