Monterey Harley-Davidson partners with designer jeans brand

Publish Date: 
Oct 29, 2013

MONTEREY, Calif. - Harley-Davidson and premium denim brand Robin’s Jean have teamed up to create the first Robin’s Jean shop-in-shop at Monterey Harley-Davidson.

The mini-store is set off with chrome-trimmed woodgrain walls adorned with images of designer and founder Robin Chretien with celebrity friends including Sharon Stone and Mickey Rourke.

The shop offers a selection of men’s and women’s denim, t-shirts and leather jackets. Women’s jeans start at around $189 a pair (shorts $169), and men’s pant styles start at $209. T-shirts run $80 to about $200 and a black cloth baseball cap with metal studs is offered for $99 on the Robin’s website.

The partnership came about when the dealership ordered several Robin’s Jean styles for the store. Chretien is an avid Harley rider and collector, his company said.

Monterey Harley Davidson carries a motorcycle-styled selection of Robin’s Jean, which also has three freestanding Robin’s Jean stores in the United States in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, Calif., and in New York, and a store in Ibiza, Spain.

Posted by Holly Wagner