Moose engine rebuilding components save money over OEM parts

Publish Date: 
Jun 15, 2014
By Bruce Steever

JANESVILLE, Wis. – Sometimes, bad things happen to good engines. Maybe it’s a lack of timely service, or perhaps a bit too much abuse, or sometimes simply a random bit of bad luck, like a failing air cleaner allowing damaging dirt ingestion. Whatever the cause, sometimes engines need complete replacement.

Luckily, Moose Racing has a range of replacement engine components to handle major repairs or servicing at a fraction of the cost of OEM parts.

For example, if racing abuse or general riding has managed to wear the stock cylinder past serviceable limits, Moose offers complete replacement cylinders for only $249.95 to $349.95. Just like OE, these cylinders are crafted from cast aluminum with silicon carbide-plated bores for longevity and cooler running. Riders of both sports ATVs (such as Honda’s TRX models or Yamaha’s YFMs) and enduros (such as Suzuki’s DR-Z or Yamaha’s WR series) can take advantages of these replacement cylinders.

If the previous engine did not go quietly into that good night, and died in a cacophony of broken metal, repair is likely going to require a lot more than just a new cylinder.

Moose has riders covered there, too, with a range of intake and exhaust valve kits for racing ATVs and MX bikes. Each kit includes long-life Black Diamond intake valves, chrome-silicon heat-treated valve springs and lightweight titanium retainers. Prices range from $184.95 to $255.95. They are a viable alternative to stock titanium valves for riders more interested in durability over bleeding-edge racing technology.

According to Moose, these valves kits offer up to four times the life of ultra-lightweight stock valves.

Both Moose cylinders and valves kits are made in the United States.