More Than Rewards updates Gift Card System


More Than Rewards, a Milwaukee-based company specializing in dealer software, today released its updated Gift Card System.

The new system has flat monthly subscription prices (detailed below). “All other systems out there charge you a per-transaction fee, like a credit card company does,” says Jason Brethorst, president and CEO of More Than Rewards.

Brethorst says dealers might not be aware that the gift card laws are changing on Jan. 31. "They'll want to make sure their current gift card system complies to this new law. It’s called the ECO-Gift Card Act. Our newly updated gift card system is one of the products on the market which complies with this new law."

Brethorst claims the system can do several things that no other gift card program can do:

  • The system allows dealers to look up gift cards by name, phone or e-mail.
  • It can automatically send an e-mail version of the gift card to the customer on the day it was purchased or a prescheduled day such as a birthday or holiday, i.e., customers can send an e-card to the person for whom they bought the gift card with a electronic version of it.
  • It can automatically send a text message version of the card, which works just like the e-mail version but in the form of a text message.
  • It can automatically expire gift cards if there is no activity after so many days.
  • It can slowly take money off the gift card every month of inactivity while complying with the new federal gift card laws.
  • It can be used with a retailer’s current gift card inventory.
  • It allows retailers to buy new gift cards or go cardless and use printed gift cards or e-mail gift cards.

More Than Rewards will convert dealers from their old system to their new system for free. The gift card system works with Talon 2, Talon ES, LightspeedNXT, Lightspeed Unix, Reynolds and Reynolds and QuickBooks. It’s entirely Web-based and requires no additional hardware. Built-in account reports let users export everything to Excel or view it on the Web interface.

There are four price plans:

  • Free — as long as you’re using two or more of More Than Rewards’ other products, including eMail Marketing, Rewards System, Service Scheduler or Marketing Tools,
  • $30 per month for 10 transactions (anyone buying a card or redeeming one) per month with no e-mailing eCard feature,
  • $50 per month for 25 transactions per month, including unlimited e-mails for eCards,
  • $75 per month for unlimited transactions, including unlimited e-mails for eCards and unlimited text message versions for text cards.

More Than Rewards is known mostly for its robust loyalty program. The company started about seven years ago with an IT focus. About five years ago, it created a reward program for a group of dealers, and dealer services soon became its core business. The company now serves more than 400 dealers.

For more information, log on to or call 414-326-4100.

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Posted by Arlo Redwine