Morgan to recall 235 three-wheelers for warning light install

Publish Date: 
Aug 12, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Morgan 3 Wheeler Ltd. is recalling certain 2012-14 model year 3W vehicles so that dealers can install a brake fluid indicator warning lamp, NHTSA announced.

The vehicles are classified as three-wheeled motorcycles. The recall affects about 235 vehicles in the United States.

Affected motorcycles were manufactured without a lamp that illuminates when the brake fluid level is low; as such, these vehicles do not conform to U.S. federal safety standards, the manufacturer informed NHTSA.

According to the recall, Morgan will notify owners. Dealers are asked to install a warning lamp free of charge. Owners also may contact Morgan's U.S. agent, New Mexico-based Vehicle Services Consulting Inc., at 505.570.1845.