Motion Pro details latest products, online tools

Publish Date: 
Aug 6, 2014

FRISCO, Texas – Motion Pro was at the recent Tucker Rocky Brand Expo showing off a range of new tools to use on vehicles and to use online.

The company’s new web search tool for dealers offers parts lookup by number and by OEM, and includes a new Pro Stocking Planner that provides dealers with suggested stocking orders based on real-time sales trends. Dealers enter the brand, vehicle type and how much money they want to spend, and the Motion Pro tool delivers a list of suggested products along with quantities to ensure the highest fill rate, according to Brandon Baldwin, who heads up marketing for Motion Pro.

“It’s our version of a best-seller list,” he said.

Among the company’s latest products is a new 275cc Coolant Recovery Tank (shown here) which helps prevent coolant loss on long offroad or high-altitude rides, and satisfies the coolant recovery requirement for many race organizations, including AMA. The rugged polyethylene bottle offers a variety of mounting options for most water-cooled motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles. The tank can be connected for either top of bottom inlet. The kit includes a hose, clamps and zip ties. MSRP $24.99

And the company's new T-handle bit driver with No. 1, 2 and 3 JIS cross-head bits features 0.75-inch drive heads, one at the end of the shaft and two at each end of the handle, with magnets that hold the drivers in place. It also accepts all common driver bits. The included JIS crosshead bits are a must-have for most Japanese made bikes, Baldwin said. MSRP $21.99.