Motion Pro provides viable options to OE tools

Publish Date: 
Jun 5, 2013
By Bruce Steever

SAN CARLOS, Calif. - Fact: OEM special tools are expensive. While there are many service tasks that require the specialized toolsets from Japan, Italy or wherever, there are plenty of routine service tasks that can be performed without the original special tools.

MotionPro aims to capitalize on that need with a variety of special tools that fit multiple applications and offer significant savings compared to the factory part numbers.

Two great examples are the new Steering Head Bearing Race Driver ($49.99; see image above) and KTM 4-Stroke Flywheel Puller ($24.50; see image, left). The bearing driver fits races from 41 mm to 56 mm and features efficient double-sided drivers that are laser etched for clarity, replacing several individual sizes of driver you may already have in your shop. And the flywheel puller is a straight OE tool replacement, complete with the OEM crankshaft protector cap.

MotionPro also has plenty of new “convenience” tools, designed to make basic tasks just a bit easier. The recently introduced Combo Y-Drive Wrench ($19.99) combines three of the most common hex drives with three hex sockets to make it a go-to tool for common fasteners. And the Mini Spring Hook Tool ($8.99) does exactly what it looks like it should, with a compact size and comfortable grip.

Finally, MotionPro has also updated its range of OE replacement clutch perch assemblies. Perches get mangled all the time; having a cost-effective (perches start at $16.10) range of options that will fit nearly any model makes your job easier.