Motion Pro Recalls Brake Levers

Motion Pro, Inc. has launched a voluntary recall campaign on one of its brake levers. Motion Pro, Inc., has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in some of its aftermarket motorcycle brake levers with Part Number 14­0415. However, the problem associated with this defect can occur only when those brake levers are installed on the models of Suzuki and Yamaha street motorcycles identified below.

When these Motion Pro brake levers are installed on the motorcycles identified below, they may not properly engage the motorcycle’s stop lamp, due to a possible size mismatch between the brake lever and the stop lamp switch. If there is a mismatch, the stop lamp on the motorcycle will not deactivate when the driver releases the brake lever. If the stop lamp were to remain on, a following driver would not be aware when the brakes on the motorcycle are applied, which could increase the likelihood of a crash.

Models involved in the recall are the 1998-2003 Yamaha YZF R1, and the following Suzukis: 2002-2008 DL 1000; 2004-2008 DL 650; 2001-2005 GSF 1200S; 2000-2003 GSF 600S; 1999-2007 GSX 1300R; 2001-2004 GSXR 1000; 2001-2003 GSXR 600; 1998-2003 GSXR 750; 2003-2005 SV 1000; 2003-2007 SV 1000S; 1999-2003 SV 650; 1999-2008 SV 650S: and the 1999-2003 TL 1000R.

Owners of the motorcycles identified above should check to see whether a Motion Pro 14-0415 brake lever has been installed. The lever can be identified by the marking “JY 378” at the base of the lever near the pivot bushing. If one of these brake levers is installed on your motorcycle, you should immediately check to determine whether the stop lamp on your motorcycle is working properly after the brake lever is activated and released.

If it is, you need not take any further action, since there is no size mismatch, and the brake lever will continue to work properly. However, if the stop lamp remains on after the brake lever is released, you should immediately call Motion Pro toll-free at (877) 438­7831 or go to for more information and to obtain a free replacement lever.