Moto-Electra to attempt coast-to-coast record for electric bikes

Publish Date: 
May 14, 2013

BLUE GRASS, Va. - Moto-Electra, a developer of electric motorcycle racing technology, aims to challenge the world record for electric vehicles in a cross-continent ride that is planned to cover 2,500 miles in three days.

The event will begin June 3 on the beach of Jacksonville, Fla.

“We will travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean using only the batteries in the vehicle,” explained Brian Richardson, manager of Moto-Electra Racing. “The event will conclude on the Santa Monica Pier in California. The race is against the clock, and the motorcycle will be ridden by Thad Wolff, one of the great AMA Superbike racers of the 1980s.”

The team will be making around 20 pit stops to charge the vehicle with an improvised “grid” — a generator carried along by the support crew of James Madison University engineering students. The team intends to demonstrate the capability of the current technology.

“At the turn of the 20th century, gasoline-powered vehicles were useless for long-distance travel,” Richardson noted. “There were no roads, no filling stations, and the vehicles were not dependable. Our goal is to challenge perceptions about the useful range of electric vehicles, and set a world record in the process.”

Communications and media support will be provided by IceWarp, one of the team’s corporate supporters. The support vehicle for the ride is outfitted with an iPad-based IceWarp Messaging Server that provides native support for iPad that includes integrated Microsoft Active Sync. The combination allows real-time communication between the team, its supporters and fans regardless of what devices they are using, as long as they are based on universal standards.

“We wish Moto-Electra every success in this challenge,” said Ladislav Goc, IceWarp president. “As a company that has a decade-long innovations track record, we are honored to support a team of innovators that is rethinking the motorcycling sport technology.”

People can send e-mails to the Moto-Electra team at to get high-resolution pictures signed by Wolff.

Richardson, a lawyer by trade, founded Moto-Electra in 2009 on a sheep farm in the Blue Grass Valley of Virginia. Since then, the company has won several podium finishes in various electric racing events, according to the company’s website.

Posted by Arlo Redwine. Photos courtesy Moto-Electra