Moto Guzzi Heads for Adventure (Touring)

The newest member of the Moto Guzzi family, the Stelvio 1200, is an adventure touring machine designed to make the world a playground for the bold motorcycle adventurer. In addition to possessing a sporting, road-going persona — wonderfully adept at both short and long hauls — Stelvio boasts an off-road capability, with wide handlebars, abundant ground clearance, and an underside skid plate to help it tackle the obstacles encountered when venturing off the beaten path.

Aptly named for the Stelvio Pass — a serpentine stretch of asphalt draped over the Italian Alps which embodies the essence of the two-wheel experience with 84 hairpin turns that ascent to an altitude of 9048 feet, the Moto Guzzi Stelvio is an important new model for the fabled "Italian Eagle."

The Stelvio retains the marque's historic 90-degree transversally-mounted V-twin engine. The internals have been completely redesigned and reengineered into a new generation "Quattrovalvole" (4-valve) powerplant. A total of 563 new parts comprise the compact 1,151cc engine, which employs a single in head camshaft that operates four valves per cylinder, providing sufficient power for an enjoyable ride.

A lightened crankshaft and forged 3-ring pistons help the Stelvio 1200 4V produce 105 horsepower, delivered with uncanny smoothness at a respectable 7500 rpm. The cylinder cooling fins have been redesigned to more efficiently dissipate engine heat. The innovative use of Morse chains and hydraulic cam chain tensioners keep internal engine noise to a minimum. The new, more powerful engine delivers its visceral heartbeat through a high performance aluminum dual outlet muffler with the famous exhaust note that unmistakably brands it as a "Guzzi."

The engine is fed via 50mm throttle bodies and new Marelli injectors, unleashing its abundant torque and increased power in a manageable, yet thoroughly engaging manner. The 6-speed transmission and new single-plate dry clutch delivers all the Stelvio's power to the rear wheel via the single sided CARC shaft drive system as used on other recent Moto Guzzi models. The added bonus of low maintenance inherent with a shaft drive is perfect for long-distance touring.

Despite Stelvio's stout and rugged design, its dry weight of just 214 kg (472 pounds) makes it highly agile in road-going applications as well as the occasional off-road venture, where size and manageability are paramount. The engine skid plate sits 210mm (8.2 inches) from the ground, providing ample clearance for getting over obstacles in its path. The high-strength, lightweight twin-spar chassis provides substantial rigidity and exceptional stability. Hefty 50mm Marzocchi front forks and a single Boge rear shock are fully adjustable to suit specific riding situations and provide a plush ride. Classic spoke wheels with Ber rims are fitted with Pirelli Scorpion tubeless tires.

The Stelvio features Brembo calipers and rotors. Massive dual 320mm floating front discs are mated to radial-mounted 4-piston calipers for optimum braking, while a single 282mm disc and 2-piston caliper handles braking at the rear.

The stylish, compact windshield is fully adjustable, providing aerodynamic protection while blending with the top fairing (in perfectly aligned seams) that embraces a powerful dual headlight and rider-friendly, easy-to-read dash with white-faced tachometer and digital speedometer, as well as fuel level with average and current fuel consumption rates — essential elements for distance travel.

Accentuating its long-distance appeal and convenience, the Stelvio offers a tank mounted storage compartment which can be accessed while wearing gloves — a practical and innovative place to store your cell phone, sunglasses, or other items you want within easy reach.

The seat conveniently adjusts between 33 inches and 32.28 inches. To further improve rider comfort the Stelvio has a narrow fuel tank shaped to provide riders more freedom to move around while still holding 4.75 gallons, including 1.1 gallons in reserve.

Optional 60-liter volume panniers provide ample room for rider and passenger belongings, whether they choose to embark on a weekend getaway or far away travel.

Accessorizing the Newest Moto Guzzi
Moto Guzzi offers a range of accessories, from additional tank pannier bag (for increased luggage capacity) to a stylish, functional engine protection kit, navigation kit, additional lighting and heated hand grips, to name just a few. The Stelvio owner can outfit their machine to specific needs and applications with a wide variety of personalizing options. The Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 4V is available in two colors, Corsa Red and Guzzi Black.