Moto Guzzi Names New CEO

Tommaso Giocoladelli, Piaggio's SVP for Light Transport Vehicles Europe since joining the company in 2004, has been named CEO and general manager of Moto Guzzi S.p.A.

Daniele Bandiera, who joined Piaggio in 2004 after a two-year gig as boss of Alfa Romeo, maintains his post as Moto Guzzi chairman, as well as COO at the Piaggio Group, a position he has held since November 2006.

The Piaggio Group acquired Moto Guzzi in December 2004. Since then, Moto Guzzi has totally renewed its product range with the introduction of new vehicles and engines, cleaned up many of the troubles plaguing the brand's distribution system, extended penetration in various international markets, and ultimately boosted sales from about 3,700 units in 2004 to more than 10,000 in 2006.

Giocoladelli was appointed at an Oct. 15 meeting of Moto Guzzi's board of directors. Like a number of other European OEMs, the Piaggio Group often rotates its executive team members to positions of leadership throughout the company's worldwide operations.

Giocoladelli's appointment "strengthens the Moto Guzzi management team with the consolidated professional experience of a manager already familiar with the Piaggio Group and able to guarantee the seamless continuation of the company's management and operations as Moto Guzzi proceeds with its industrial, R&D and commercial recovery," says a Piaggio release.

Giocoladelli, 55, previously worked at Telecom Italia, most recently as head of sales and marketing for residential clients; Volvo Italia, where he was chairman and CEO; and at Galbani as SVP for International Operations.

Moto Guzzi's board of directors now includes Bandiera, chairman; Giocoladelli, CEO and general manager; and directors Michele Colaninno, Michele Pallottini and Franco Cattaneo.