MotoClub Wholesale Sells to Consumers Without Dealer Markup

MotoClub PG&A wholesale consumer discounts

Some dealers aren't going to like this: A new online business is offering to sell parts, gear and accessories to consumers — with no retail markup.

Boasting "confidential insider pricing," the business, dubbed the MotoClub (, asks consumers to sign up for one of three levels of membership: Basic, Gold and Platinum. All levels provide the same purchasing savings with no retail mark-up pricing. Sign up for a Platinum membership, and you'll be able to buy all products without any annual spending limit or restrictions. Memberships start at $179 a year.

"If you purchase at least $1,000 annually for powersports parts, accessories or apparel, then this exclusive club is for you," says the marketing message on the site's home page. "If you do not fit in that category, we recommend that you continue to support your preferred local or online dealer. Should your status change, you know where to find us."

Members also are being offered access to special discounts on installation services and even special events through the MotoClub's marketing partners. The home page features the Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Thor, Icon and Alpinestars logos. Products include such brands as Akrapovic, Factory Pro, Ohlins, Magura, FMF and a variety of helmet and gear makers.

MotoClub is based in Lake Oswego, Ore. Founders Sage Wilkinson and Tyson Silva are former shop owners. Silva manages Cascade Tracktime and is the North American distributor of Airfense Safety Systems. Wilkinson has been involved in regional and professional motorcycle racing.