Motorcycle restoration business picks its way to success

Publish Date: 
Feb 21, 2012

BALDWIN CITY, Kan. - A former software developer and a certified Harley-Davidson mechanic decided to change professions, starting a new business rebuilding used motorcycles.

Shawn Carlisle, 30, and brother-in-law Micah Tracy, 27, turned into American pickers to find supplies, and started putting together old motorcycles, eventually starting a company they call Barnyard Scraps Restoration in Baldwin City.

They obtained a dealer’s license in early October and plan on selling restored cars as well as motorcycles. The new license permits them to own more titles to cars, operating more like a car dealership, but they do it for the joy.

“We don’t charge the high-end price because we’re more interested in getting old vehicles back on the road,” Carlisle told the Baker Orange newspaper.

Carlisle and Tracy have always worked on repairing old cars and motorcycles in their free time. They started selling motorcycles on Craigslist and eBay in December 2010.

Posted by Holly Wagner