Motorcycle Safety Foundation Expands Rider Safety Training


With an eye toward offering beginning riders more challenging hands-on exercises while increasing their capabilities for awareness, judgment and risk management, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has revamped and expanded its rider training program.

As the recommended basic minimum training for every beginning rider, the New CORE curricula includes the current MSF Basic RiderCourse, the new Street RiderCourse, which takes students into real-world traffic, and the new Basic Bike-Bonding RiderCourse, which is designed to help students learn to handle their own motorcycles.

The MSF developed the progressive three-part curriculum using instructional system design practices and the results from original research and literature review, the organization wrote in a release. The MSF also conducted extensive pilot and field testing along with detailed evaluations.

"We're presenting a new, and much improved, way forward for all riders and raising what is generally perceived as the minimum threshold of motorcycle riding competence. We want better-prepared riders capable of higher levels of thinking out on the streets," said MSF President Tim Buche. "We encourage state administrators and other decision-makers nationwide, as they administer their motorcyclist-funded safety programs, to consider how to make these programs available."

The Essential CORE is comprised of the following three components:

  • Basic RiderCourse: The recommended first ride aboard a smaller, training-size motorcycle on a closed range.
  • Street RiderCourse 1: The recommended first public-road ride for students with their own motorcycles (or training motorcycles), and the first MSF course taken beyond traditional, closed riding ranges. In a standard SRC 1, three students are linked by radios to one specially certified MSF RiderCoach.
  • Basic Bike-Bonding RiderCourse: Skill drills to help students handle their own motorcycles.

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