Motorcycle sales growing in Malaysia


Motorcycle sales in Malaysia are expected to show a 15 percent increase this year above the 500,000 sold in 2009.

Motorcycle and Scooter Assemblers and Distributors Association of Malaysia (Masaam) president Datuk Syed Mohamad Aidid Syed Murtaza says the group’s forecast comes on the heels of a reduced gas subsidy.

Sales were up 10 percent through May, he told the Borneo Post. He said the increase enabled the motorcycle industry to provide up to 200,000 job opportunities and bring overall benefits to the economy.

“It creates employment opportunities in the manufacturing sector like motorcycle component factories and the engine assembly sector. It also helps insurance expansion and generate business for motorcycle workshops, big or small,” he said.

Syed Mohamad Aidid just took over for a two-year term as president of the International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (IMMA), and say that will create more opportunities for the region’s OEMs.

“So far, Modenas motorcycles have penetrated the market in Greece.

“With this appointment also, Malaysia can dictate terms for foreign motorcycles wishing to come to our market,” he said.

Through membership in IMMA, Malaysia could forge international cooperation relating to quality standards and road safety, he said.

Posted by Holly Wagner