Motorcycle Tour Company Offers Dirt Bike Tours

Uwe Diemer, owner of, loves adventure and has built a business on sharing it.

The company offers services ranging from half-day training sessions ($145 and up) to guided desert tours (about $300 per day).

"Our company works hard to get to know the clients. We then cater a tour to meet their specific needs. We offer everything from extreme off-road riding in the California desert over rough terrain, to beginner lessons for those just learning to ride dirt-bikes," Diemer says.

With Baby Boomers starting to retire and in control of the bulk of the nation's wealth, the market for cycle tours is expanding, he says.

"More and more people are interested in having an unforgettable experience during their vacation as opposed to the run-of-the-mill beach or lake house rental," Diemer says.

Best of all for cycle dealers, the company will pay them a 10 percent commission for clients they book on AdMo tours, a spokesperson says.

Prices include the bike rental, while gear is often rented for an extra fee. All training and tours are guided by an experienced professional understands the terrain and can lead customers on a variety of paths for any given tour.

"Our multiple-day guided tours include a support vehicle that carries refreshments and delivers our clients' luggage to the hotel each evening. During training or day rides, refreshments are supplied during scenic stops and rests. Our focus is on taking the best care of our riders, and making sure they stay safe during their adventure," Diemer says. offers tours geared to street riding, European or South American tours and dirt-bike training packages. For more information visit