Motul reformulates, updates line of motorcycle lubes

Publish Date: 
Jul 23, 2013

POMONA, Calif. — Motul USA has reformulated its motorcycle engine lubricants, as well as updated packaging and labels to reflect the change, the company announced.

The reformulated products are Motul’s Core Range line for on-road and off-road, and its 300V Factory Line and 800 2T racing products. The Core Range includes the 7100 4T, the 5100 4T and the 3000 range of formulas for four-stroke engines, and the 710 2T and 510 2T range for two-strokes.

The 300V Factory Line is also included under the umbrella for reformulated products. This line caters to both road racing and off-road four-stroke motorcycles. The 800 Factory Line 2T is made for two-stroke on-road and off-road racing applications.