MSF Basic RiderCourse Launched in Hawaii

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic RiderCourse is available to the residents of Hawaii. First classes were held in January at Leeward Community College. Although classes for the new course are already filled through March on Oahu, prospective students can obtain upcoming class and scheduling information for Oahu and the neighbor islands online or by calling (808) 455-0479.

The MSF Basic RiderCourse has long been available to the military personnel in Hawaii, but until now military graduates have had to take a second course offered by the Hawaii Department of Transportation to receive a motorcycle endorsement.

Leaders of Street Bikers United of Hawaii, with support of its membership, brought the issue to the attention of HDOT on behalf of the military personnel and riders in Hawaii. The MSF worked with SBU, HDOT Deputy Director Dr. Brennon Morioka nd Highway Safety Specialist Marjorie Kazama to win approval of the Basic RiderCourse for Hawaii residents.