MSF Campus Opens in Irving, Texas


A new MSF Campus in Irving, Texas, serves the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area. It offers all MSF street and off-road programs, including the Basic RiderCourse, the Experienced RiderCourse and the DirtBike School, as well as the ATV Safety Institute’s ATV RiderCourse.

The MSF Campus is also a testing site for new MSF programs. Because of this, students there are likely to be among the first to benefit from new courses, according to the MSF.

In addition, the MSF Campus hosts ongoing professional development events for MSF RiderCoaches, DirtBike School Coaches and ASI Instructors.

“By combining rider education, curriculum research and MSF RiderCoach and ASI Instructor training, the MSF Campus really raises the bar,” Robert Gladden, MSF director of program administration, said in a press release. “This is where you’ll find the newest techniques, the best practices and brightest ideas. We’re very pleased to be recognized by the Texas Department of Public Safety Motorcycle Safety Unit to make these programs available to the riders and prospective riders of Texas, and to the entire motorcycling community.”

Class schedules and online enrollment are available at The MSF Campus at Irving is located at 4529 Royal Lane, Irvine, TX, 75063, and can be reached at 972-929-5455.

The MSF Campus at Irving is one of three in the MSF Campus network. The other two are in Troy, Ohio, and Alpharetta, Ga.