MSF Co-Sponsors Safety Conference in Germany

Publish Date: 
Sep 24, 2008

THE MOTORCYCLE SAFETY Foundation (MSF) is partnering with the German Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM eV) to sponsor the 7th International Motorcycle Conference: Safety-Environment-Future, to be held Oct.6-7 in Cologne, Germany.

Covering multiple aspects related to motorcycle safety, and taking place in conjunction with INTERMOT, the international motorcycle show that begins in Cologne Oct. 8, the two-day Conference will include scientists, researchers and practitioners presenting the status of current safety research, technical findings and the comparison of conditions in various countries.

Topics and speakers are to include:

  • "Forensic Evidence Relating to Motorcycle Pre-Crash Maneuvers" by Michael S. Varat and Stein E. Husher of KEVA Engineering, USA

  • "RIDER — A Complete Study on Accidents Involving Powered Two-Wheelers: Accident Causations, Safety Equipment and Injury Mechanisms" by Vuthy Pahn of DESA, France

  • "Analysis of Motorcycle Accidents" by Martin Unger of Technical University of Berlin, Germany

  • "The Value of an Exclusive Motorcycle Lane in Mixed Traffic: Malaysian Experience" by Subramaniam Munusamy of OVARoad Safety, Malaysia

  • "Developing a European Approach to the Initial Training of Motorcyclists: the Initial Rider Training Project" by Aline Delhaye of the Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations (FEMA), Belgium, and John Chatterton-Ross of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), Switzerland

  • "Assessing the Value and Effectiveness of the Honda Rider Trainer For Improving Hazard Perception" by Tim Buche of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), USA

  • "MYMOSA — Towards a Virtual Motorcycle Rider for Realistic Simulations of Motorcycle Maneuvers" by Claudio Brenna of the University of Florence, Italy

  • "Analysis of the Thorax Rider Protection" by Lionel Thollon and Yves Godio of the Laboratory of Biomechanics and Applications (LBA), France

  • "Testing of Two Different Motorcycle Garments with Integrated Airbag in Real Crash Conditions" by Alessandro Bellati of DAINESE S.p.A., Italy

  • "Advanced Testing Procedures for Protective Measures on Rider Equipment and Road Furnishings" by Steffen Peldschus of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany

  • "Powered Two Wheelers Compared to Cars: Driving Dynamics, Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emissions in Daily Use" by Bertrand-Olivier Ducreux of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, France

  • "Higher Level of Motorcyclists' Safety by Improved Road Infrastructure in Germany" by Helmut Nikolaus of the FGSV-Workgroup: Motorcycle Accidents, Germany

  • "Studying the Learning of Riding a Motorcycle in Real Context to Improve Rider Education" by Samuel Aupetit of the University of Orléans, France

  • "Testing the Safety Renewal Concept: Preliminary Results from 'The Discovery Project'" by Ray Ochs of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), USA

  • "Situational Hazard Awareness of Motorcyclists" by Ulrich Schulz of the University of Bielefeld, Germany

  • "Potential of Active Suspension Systems for Vehicle Stabilization" by Patrick Seiniger of the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany
  • "Powered Two-Wheeler Integrated Safety Project — Objectives, Achievements and Remaining Activities" by Rachel Grant of the Vehicle Safety Research Center, Loughborough University, UK

  • "BMW Motorrad — Active Safety Based on Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication" by Reiner Pfeifer of BMW Motorrad, Germany

  • "Changes in Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Energy Profile Depending on Age, Body Mass Index, General Physical Level and Job-related and Time Spent Motorcycling During Long-time Motorcycling for Average Male Test Person" by Rainer Nietschke and Georg Huber of the Medical University of Freiburg, Germany

  • "Research Issues in Motorcycle Ergonomics & Rider Human Factors" by Alex Stedmon of the Center for Motorcycle Ergonomics & Rider Human Factors, University of Nottingham, UK

  • "Safety Belt for Motorcyclists" by Raphael Murri of the Dynamic Test Center AG, Switzerland

  • "Study of Pitching Control of Large-Size Motorcycle with Short-Wheelbase by Application of Brake-by-Wire System" by Yutaka Nishikawa of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Motorcycle R&D Center, Japan

  • "Basis and Development for the Snell M2010 Motorcycle Helmet Standard" by Edward B. Becker of the Snell Memorial Foundation, Inc., USA

Participation in the Conference costs €420. Visit the IFZ Web site for more information or to register to attend the conference.