MSF: Copyright Lawsuit Resolved

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has resolved its copyright lawsuit against the operators of the Team Oregon Motorcycle Safety Program, whose publications use MSF materials.

In the settlement reached Friday, Team Oregon recognizes the disputed materials as protected. Also, the MSF grants Team Oregon permission to use the materials in future publications that give credit to the foundation.

“We are pleased with the settlement in which the integrity of MSF’s intellectual property rights was acknowledged,” said Tim Buche, the foundation’s president. “It’s unfortunate that a lawsuit was necessary to reach a resolution of this dispute.”

According to the MSF, it filed the suit in December 2006 after the defendants rejected an offer with “substantially the same terms” as Friday’s settlement. The MSF claims a primary defense in the case had been that the MSF did not own the copyright to the curriculum materials at issue, which date back to 1986.