MSF releasing handbook, tipsheets in Spanish

Publish Date: 
Aug 7, 2014

IRVINE, Calif. – In recognition of the growing number of Hispanic motorcycle riders, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has issued Spanish versions of three of its popular "Quick Tips" sheets: Pretend You Are Invisible, Group Riding, and T-CLOCS Checklist.

MSF also released an updated version of its Spanish language Rider Handbook to correspond with the updated Basic RiderCourse. A preview copy of the Rider Handbook in Spanish is available here.

Hispanics account for
7 percent of U.S. motorcyclists and 11 percent of younger riders.

Hispanics comprise 7 percent of American motorcyclists overall, and 11 percent of younger riders – those of Generations X and Y.

Quick Tips is MSF's category of single-focus safety information sheets, available for free for anyone to download, print, and distribute. 

The "Pretend You Are Invisible" sheet addresses the fact that car drivers sometimes don't notice motorcyclists in their path, especially in intersections. The information on this sheet aims to help riders stand out in traffic and compensate for inattentive car drivers.

The "Group Riding" sheet provides tips for those who enjoy motorcycling with other riders. Based on MSF's "Share the Adventure – Group Riding" video kit, the sheet provides recommendations for riding formations, pre-ride meetings, hand signals, and more, through descriptive text and illustrations.

The "T-CLOCS Checklist" sheet is a one-page form that guides the motorcyclist through a pre-ride inspection. T-CLOCS stands for Tires, Controls, Lights, Oil, Chassis, and Stands. Within each category is a number of specific components and systems that should be inspected for possible adjustment or other maintenance. Printed on the back of the T-CLOCS Checklist is a copy of the Group Riding sheet for even more convenience, so riders can take the page with them on each ride.

All of MSF's English and Spanish Quick Tips sheets are available here.

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