MTA to distribute Ride-On sealant/balancers through dealers


Motorcycle Tires and Accessories (MTA) and Inovex Industries, Inc. have announced a plan to distribute Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS) high-speed tire balancer and sealant through motorcycle dealerships.

“We consider the motorcycle and powersports market segment as potentially our most important,” says Mark Farkhan, CEO of Inovex. “The only thing between a rider and the road is his tires, and a flat can mean the difference between life and death – literally. Our product gives those tires the best chance to perform at their optimum capacity through balancing, air pressure maintenance, and flat prevention that keeps a rider where he belongs – upright and on the road. It also offers a chance for dealerships to establish a new revenue stream in a market where many are seeing a decline in sales.”

MTA president Larry Popp says increasing environmental regulation seeking alternatives to lead weights got him behind the product.

“Ride-On exceeded our expectations with its ability to balance tires as well as assisting in flat prevention and helping stabilize tire pressure in a similar manner to nitrogen—just without the mess you would expect from a tire sealant,” he says. “We are looking forward to making sure this one-of-a-kind product gets to market so that every rider out there can enjoy a safer, environmentally friendly, more balanced ride.”

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Posted by Holly Wagner