Mud gets the 'axe' from Risk Racing


Risk Racing has released the mud axe, a double-sided tool that will help off-roaders maintain optimum performance and aesthetics on their vehicles.

“An engine packed with mud will tend to overheat quicker, and the added weight from the excess mud will negatively impact your bike’s power, suspension tuning and overall handling,” the company says. Not to mention block racing numbers and other aesthetics on the bike.

One side of the mud axe is used for fenders, hubs and wheels, while the pick on the other end can clean foot pegs, brake pedals, engine bays, suspension linkages and other tight spots. An ergonomic design allows for users to scrape the inside of fenders without having to actually place your hands near the muck. The tool’s handle is made of a plastic composite that’s heat-resistant and glass-reinforced, which means one can use it on hot engines and exhausts.

Contact: Risk Racing, 704-658-9332,