Multi-axis adjustable handlebars fit Harleys 1986 and up

Publish Date: 
May 24, 2012

The patent-pending HeliBars Horizon Multi-Axis Adjustable Handlebar system from Heli Modified provides four parameters of adjustment to give Harleys a custom fit.

The multi-axis riser kit replaces a stock handlebar and bolts directly to a bike's top triple clamp. The bars transform ergonomics by being up to 2 in. higher than stock and allowing 6 in. of forward and rearward reach adjustment, resulting in a more natural seating position that helps take weight off a rider's lower back, according to the manufacturer. They can be set between 30 in. and 31 in. wide for increased steering leverage. Up and down wrist angle rotation minimizes upper-body fatigue.

Components are crafted from stainless steel, low-carbon steel and 6061 aluminum alloy. The kit integrates with ABS and non-ABS models, stock or aftermarket brake lines and Harley's fly-by-wire throttle system.

The bars are available in a duplex nickel chrome finish or a black gloss powder-coating, and are anchored by stainless-steel, Allen-head hardware.

For more information, contact Heli Modified at 800-859-4642 or at