Mustang springs for new Star Bolt saddle

Publish Date: 
Jun 30, 2014
By Bruce Steever

THREE RIVERS, Mass. – Yamaha’s Bolt has quickly become a sales success, recently becoming the top selling metric cruiser in any segment.. Like its namesake, the Bolt electrified the marketplace and charged up a bunch of custom builders to create their versions of the bike.

Mustang answered with some aftermarket seating options. Last year, Mustang introduced the Wide Studded Solo, Tripper Fastback and Vintage Solo seats for the Bolt. Now, it launches a style-centric option with the Spring Solo seat, exclusively for the Yamaha bobber.

Mustang’s Spring Solo for the Yamaha Bolt gives riders an old-school look without compromising on modern comfort. Supported by a pair of seat springs installed on a solid steel frame cover, which serve a functional purpose rather than being just a cosmetic afterthought, the Solo features a vinyl cover, marine-grade fiberglass baseplate, and Mustang’s controlled density molded foam for support and comfort.

A matching underseat stash pouch is an option, with a hinge at the nose of the seat to allow easy access to the storage pouch. And although the Spring Solo looks cool, it’s still claimed to offer a reasonable amount of comfort.

The Spring Solo seat for the Bolt also features an attractive MSRP of only $199, making it an attractive upgrade ideal for floor display units as well as direct retail sales. Installation is a purely bolt-on affair, with no trimming, grinding or welding required.