Mustang unveils new logo, expanded seat line

Publish Date: 
Jan 25, 2013

TERRYVILLE, Conn. - If you run into the Mustang Motorcyle Products crew this weekend at the Cleveland Progressive International Motorcycle Show you may notice something a little different — new products and a new logo.

The company unveiled the fresh look and new kit — and hinted of more changes to come in 2013 — at the New York stop of the IMS tour.

“Its all about the ride and has been since Al Simmons founded the company back in 1980,” says marketing director Marilyn Simmons. “We are proud of the fact all Mustang seats are still handcrafted in our historic facility in Three Rivers, Mass. However, we also recognize that the marketplace has changed pretty dramatically during the past 33 years. While our seat technology has constantly evolved, it is time for our message to be shared with a new generation of riders who might not know Mustang’s history or quality.”

In addition to the logo, new stitching options, distressed brown covers and new fitments — including seats for Honda’s Gold Wing — Mustang is offering its 2013 catalog in a digital format. There have also been new hires and promotions at the company.

And, according to Simmons, the rumor is that a complete custom shop is coming, as well as full catalogs for Metric and Harley-Davidson applications.

Posted by Dennis Johnson