My Own Lane Change


We've all heard the old saw "How can I miss you if you don't leave?" Now it applies to me. Seriously, this is my last issue as publisher of Dealernews. But although I no longer will be with the magazine on a day-to-day "management" basis, you'll still see my byline on certain pages of this magazine. So I'm not really gone — I'm just shifting gears.

Starting in September, my column, "Out of My Mind," will be moving to what the editors call the "anchor" position — across from the inside back cover of the magazine. (Joe Delmont's column will be moving farther forward, near the news section.) In future issues of Dealernews, I plan to author various feature articles on sales and marketing tips for dealers. I also will be involved in the Dealernews Top 100 competition, and this year will be on the judging team, so watch out!

Dealernews has been a great experience, and I appreciate the opportunities it's offered. The best opportunity has been to meet you, the dealers, and visit some of you in your dealerships. Having spent most of my career on the OEM side, the aftermarket was kind of a mystery. But through my experience at Dealernews I've been able to better know the aftermarket and the people involved in it. And it's been fun to go to the dealer meetings if, for no other reason, to see how they all conduct their annual dealer enclaves (not much difference among them). It's been an eye-opener to attend distributor and vendor shows, too.

My success at Dealernews wouldn't have been possible without the dedication and talent of people like editorial director Mary Slepicka, managing editor Arlo Redwine, senior editor and Big TwinDealer editor Dennis Johnson, senior editor Guido Ebert, contributing editor Joe Delmont and, finally, senior research editor Don Brown. Don's been a mentor and trusted confidant for years, and I'll miss his insight into what's going on in the marketplace.

The editorial staff is backed by a team of columnists, each with a special area of expertise and daily real-world experience that differentiates Dealernews from its competitors and makes it the most influential and authoritative magazine in the trade.

I also want to thank our sales people — Angela Gibbs, Tim Lee, Jason DeSarle, Rebecca Mitchell and Mark Fagin. They generate the advertising revenue that allows us to publish the magazine and distribute it free to you. And finally, thank you to Jackie Hayes, without whose help and expertise nothing would get done (or at least done on time).

See you next month — at the back of the magazine!

Mike Vaughan, Publisher Contact Mike at