NADA: New unit interest increases at expense of used

Publish Date: 
Aug 27, 2014

COSTA MESA, Calif. – Interest in new powersports vehicles continues to climb, but at the expense of used units, according to the latest research from NADA Guides.

NADA Guides reported that used sales are sliding for the fourth straight month, but new unit sales are increasing. Prices were holding steady or declining in every category year-over-year.

The powersports market – with the exception of snowmobiles – will continue to trend downward as interest declines as fall and winter loom.

“The result will be a softening of the used powersports market,” NADA Guides stated in a report.

In July and August, the leading sales categories have been ATV, side-by-side and cruising motorcycles, each with 24.1 percent. Touring bikes accounted for 14.8 percent of sales.

In the first half of the year, Harley-Davidson remained the most researched brand by customers for cruisers and tourers, while Kawasaki was the most-researched sportbike brand and Honda was the most-researched off-road brand. Polaris was the most-researched snowmobile, ATV and side-by-side brand, and its line of Indian motorcycles saw the biggest year-over-year increase in research, by 107 percent. Ski-Doo was a distant second, with a 29 percent increase.

Consumer interest as judged by vehicle research was highest in the South, again, with the exception of snowmobiles, which enjoyed highest interest in the Midwest – and lowest in the South.

In outside economic data, the unemployment rate has continued to fall since peaking in 2009 due to the Great Recession, and although housing values remain above their most recent low point in 2008, the trend has been downward for the past six months.

Posted by Vince Guerrieri