National Scooters sees nationwide distribution by year-end


National Scooter Co. plans to have national distribution by the end of the year, and has hired a Dallas-based company that nationally markets energy in partnership with major universities.

The company made both announcements at a welcoming event hosted by the Pflugerville (Texas) Community Development Corp. CEO Greg James announced the company’s first lines of electric scooters, motorcycles and bicycles will be sold by dealers under the Austin Electric Vehicle, or AEV, brand.

The electric scooters and motorcycles will retail starting at $2,495. Electric scooters can travel up to 60 mph and electric motorcycles up to 70 mph. Range on a single electric charge can be as high as 80 miles, according to the Austin Business Journal.

James announced the company’s marketing agreement with Branded Retail Energy Co. (BRE), a Dallas-based business that markets energy in partnership with major universities around the country.

Posted by Holly Wagner