Nevada DMV to enforce OHV dealer licenses starting Nov. 1

Publish Date: 
Oct 29, 2012

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – The Department of Motor Vehicles will stage a statewide crackdown Thursday on businesses that sell ATVs, UTVs, dirtbikes and other off-highway vehicles without an agency-issued license.

The DMV Compliance Enforcement Division not only will contact registered dealers who have been slow to comply, they will approach -- in person -- big-box stores, auto parts outlets, garages and other retailers who have been selling the vehicles unaware that a DMV license was required, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

"It's a safety concern for the public. We want to make sure the public is doing business with a legitimate dealer, and a legitimate dealer has to have a license issued by the DMV," compliance enforcement administrator Donnie Perry said.

DMV staff will order offenders to "cease and desist" all sales until they are licensed by the agency. Fines and criminal penalties could follow for those who fail to comply and continue to sell.

The licensing of dealers, and the processing of titles for OHVs, is tied to a new law requiring that owners register their OHVs. The law, passed in 2009, requires that as of July of this year dealers must be licensed and owners must register their OHVs.

Posted by Holly Wagner