New 20 Group software available from Gart Sutton


Gart Sutton & Associates Inc. has released a new real-time, online 20-group data reporting, comparison and analysis software called Voyager 5.

Data from the original Best Operators Clubs dealers and the former Assurant RPMG 20-Clubs dealers will be combined in the new system.

“Voyager 5 provides our dealers with the latest and best technology for 20-group data comparison and analysis. It also allows us to improve the depth of our industry benchmarking and National Norms data,” says senior projects manager Steve Jones. “Not only does Voyager 5 maintain the extensive graphs from the previous version, it now includes a real-time, online version of the famous RPMG composite books. In addition, Voyager 5 allows all our dealers to access our powerful QuickView composite tool.”

Mike Brunken, the General Manager of GSA, commented; “We are really excited by the combining of the two systems. Now our RPMG composite dealers will have access to over 40 trending and comparison reports along with online composites.”

Interested parties may view a 2-minute video on the new system at the company’s website or email, Subject: Voyager Demo, to schedule a live demo of Voyager5.

Posted by Holly Wagner