New chassis highlight 2012 Arctic Cat snowmobiles


Arctic Cat has unveiled its 2012 snowmobile lineup featuring two new chassis and a range of new technology. All are listed now on the company’s website,

The ProCross chassis underlies trail sleds such as the new F1100, F1100 Turbo, and F800 models. Arctic Cat also uses it on XF1100, XF1100 Turbo and XF800 crossover sleds.

The other new chassis, the ProClimb, is used on the M1100, M1100 Turbo and M800 mountain sleds.

Arctic Cat says it developed the ProCross chassis from the Sno Pro race chassis and suspension configurations used in sleds competing on the ISOC circuit, as well as on the USCC cross-country circuit.

Other features of the F and XF models, according to Arctic Cat:

  • Tapered Tunnel: “The tapered design gives the rider better leg positioning for both stand-up and sit-down riding styles. And the wide running boards with large cutouts provide better foot traction and stability,” the company says.
  • Arctic Race Suspension: “Years spent dominating the racetrack provided the perfect testing ground,” says Arctic Cat. “Wide A-arm spacing reduces leverage on upper A-arm components, and taller spindles provide better handling predictability. Perfect camber results in less push through corners, unmatched predictability, and precision ride and handling.”
  • Arctic Drive System: “The new chaincase design is lighter and more tunable,” the company claims. “It’s made of magnesium, which is light yet durable. It allows for a larger driven clutch and longer clutch distance resulting in better belt performance, letting the belt cool properly between clutch contacts.”
  • Torque Control Link: The new Torque Control Link connects the engine with the jackshaft, providing a rigid connection of the drive and driven clutches. “This rigid connection maintains perfect belt tension and alignment, resulting in longer belt life,” says Arctic Cat. The link is rubber-mounted for vibration dissipation while keeping the system in alignment.
  • Two-Piece Tunnel: The new two-piece tunnel design, with inner- and outer-formed shells and boxed support structure, adds “incredible strength, yet reduces weight.”
  • Triangulated Upper Spar Assembly: “The best of both the Twin Spar and Sno Pro, the pyramid-triangulated design increases rigidity with incredible strength and reduces weight,” says Arctic Cat. “By design, the shock angle delivers all of the trail's force and energy to the triangulated spars, the strongest points of the chassis.”
  • Single Bell Crank Steering: A single bell crank design uses fewer components and features ball joints to provide a tighter feel with more precise steering, according to Arctic Cat. A tighter turning radius is created by maximizing the throw of the bell crank and ball joints.
  • Shock Alignment: The shocks are aligned with front spars to transfer the impact force to the upper spar assembly for a rigid connection, “allowing a smooth and comfortable ride over all types of challenging terrain.”
  • FasTrack Slide-Action Suspension: The skid frame’s lighter weight makes the sled faster and more nimble, says Arctic Cat. “At the same time, it’s stronger and more durable.”

The “Arctic Drive System,” “Torque Control Link,” “Two-Piece Tunnel” and “Shock Alignment” entries above also apply to Artic Cat’s mountain sleds featuring the new ProClimb chassis. Other mountain sled features:

  • Tapered Tunnel: The new tapered tunnel design conforms to legs’ natural position, giving the rider a better foot position and more comfort for stand-up riding, according to Arctic Cat.
  • Triangulated Upper Spar Assembly: “The triangulated geometry provides increased strength and stability, reduces weight, and creates a swept-back A-arm attachment point to the bulkhead, giving the mountain rider a better approach angle,” the company says. 30-degree Attachment Points: “Attachment points at 30 degrees maximize strength, allowing force to be absorbed easier throughout the entire chassis.”
  • ProClimb M Steering: A single bell crank design uses fewer components to provide “a tighter feel with more precise steering. And a shorter turning radius is created by maximizing the throw of the bell crank and ball joints.” Customers choose either conventional or vertical steering. The vertical steering (800 Sno Pro and 800 HCR only) handlebar rotates flat rather than rotating down. “Better leverage makes it easier to toss the sled from side to side,” Arctic Cat says. The vertical steering post also allows the rider to adjust the height of the handlebar.
  • Adjustable Ski Stance: A narrow 40- to 41-inch adjustable ski stance on the M models make it easier for riders to carve their way through tight spots. A wider 42- to 43-inch adjustable ski stance on the HCR makes the sled “incredibly stable and secure when you’re racing up the mountain,” the company says.
  • Lightweight Skid Frame: “Designed to be lighter weight, responsive and more nimble. And, of course, stronger and more durable than its predecessors.”
  • 85 Durometer Power Claw on HCR: Features either the 162-inch (Turbo) or 153-inch (800) 85 Durometer Power Claw track with 2.25-inch lugs.

Arctic Cat’s other chassis is the Twin Spar. For 2012, Twin Spar machines are equipped with electronic, push-button reverse for quick, easy activation.

Posted by Arlo Redwine

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