New Colorado law requires insurance for scooters, mopeds 50cc and under


Scooterists in Colorado have a rule to comply with and a new cost to do it. Since July 1, scooters of 50cc and under have been reclassified as low power scooters and mopeds and are required to carry liability insurance.

It’s the last phase of HB09-1026 coming into effect. Proof of liability insurance can be demonstrated with a motor vehicle insurance policy or a valid certificate of self-insurance.

Among the law’s changes for low-power mopeds and scooters, the state’s three-year registration fee was nudged from $5.25 to $5.75. On the up side, the 30 mph upper speed limit was increased to 40 mph on public roads.

What hasn’t changed: operators must have a driver's license; they can ride in bike lanes but not on sidewalks, and they are allowed on interstates where bicycles are also allowed. All riders must wear eye protection, and riders under 18 must wear helmets.

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Posted by Holly Wagner