New Company Wants to Help Powersports Dealers Kick Into 'Top Gear'

Industry veteran Steve Dodds has started Top Gear Training Solutions to help dealers cope with selling in a soft economy.

“Many people have less expendable income and banks are getting stricter, so it has become more difficult for the average consumer to purchase a motorcycle,” Dodds says. “It has become more and more important to maximize profit on every sale. Sometimes it's necessary to seek outside help in changing sales processes, and that's where training comes in."

Top Gear tailors training programs to suit each dealer’s individual needs, with special emphasis on role-playing and observing salespeople and managers in action, Dodds says.

"We spend a week at a time in each dealership telling and demonstrating, then observing your staff doing it. Through these techniques, we’ve seen as much as a 15 percent increase in overall profitability and, many times, more than a 100 percent increase in F&I profits," he says.

Top Gear Training Solutions' programs, customized for each dealer, incorporate weeklong in-dealership visits with comprehensive follow-up and reinforcement.

For more information, please contact (919) 961-1106 or see