New evolve electric scooter brand to debut this week


New electric motorcycle manufacturer evolve motorcycles is set to unveil its first three production bikes Oct. 6 in New York.

The company's launch will feature three step-through models: Titanium, starting at $5,400; Neon, starting at $3,900; and Helium, starting at $2,900; along with a preview of two of the company's upcoming designs. The scooters are reportedly capable of speeds up to 60 mph; the company claims they offer the highest battery ranges in the industry. All evolve motorcycles are made in the United States, according to evolve.

All models use lithium ion battery technology and feature a battery management system.

The company offers a free mobile app to let riders find each other's real time locations, locate charging stations, share photos, videos, updates and call for emergency assistance.

The company was founded by Benjamin Plum and Lex Kendall.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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