New fasteners for old motorcycles from Gardner-Westcott

Publish Date: 
Feb 16, 2013

DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. -- Looking for fasteners for American, metric or old British bikes?

Gardner-Westcott (Booth 1278), can supply you with virtually any type of bike fastener you need. In business since 1975, the company offers a full-range of zinc, chrome or stainless Allen screws. Both flat and lock washers, as well as hex and nylon lock nuts.

Frustration with an old Sportsters’ Phillips head screws were the inspiration for the product line, when company co-founder Jerry Havrinche’s cousin and soon-to-be-partner, Ralph Simon, who’d been working in the automotive industry, introduced him to socket-head screws; which at the time weren’t available for most motorcycle applications uses.

The company launched in Havrinche’s mother’s basement and soon out-grew it. The partners eventually moved into Simon’s basement as the product gained customers and expanded its product line.

Their products cover older bikes, into the ‘30s, as well as V-Rods, Victories, most modern European brands, including old and new Triumphs.

Posted by Mike Vaughan. Image by Gary Rohman