New Garwood spoked wheels offer classic look on modern sportbikes

Publish Date: 
Jan 13, 2014
By Bruce Steever

LEXINGTON, N.C. - Garwood Custom Cycles has reached into the past with a classic inspiration for today’s latest sportbikes.

Bringing to mind muscle cars, Garwood Custom Cycles released new spoked wheels for custom sportbike applications. The spokes add a unique look to any sportbike while they function and perform like a modern cast or a machined wheel.

Garwood has released the line with a multitude of customization options, including 40-, 60-, 80- and 120-spoke options in a huge variety of sizes from sportbike standard 17 x 3.5 inch all the way up to a downright monstrous 18 x 14 inch version. Other options include spokes and rims available in primary colors, high polish and chrome. Spokes can also be ordered in several styles, including fat, smooth, twisted or jewel cut.

A wheel consultant is available at Garwood to help navigate custom orders and provide pricing.