New Hampshire dealers working harder to find used motorcycles


Dealers in the Greater Nashua, N.H., area are blaming the economy and online classifieds for crimping the supply of used motorcycles.

“Everybody’s scrambling looking for used bikes. There’s just no used bikes out there,” Roger Pageot, owner of RJ’s/RPM Motorcycle Service, told the Nashua Telegraph. “It looks like more people are holding onto their motorcycles due to the cost of the new ones.”

This, along with the current high demand for used motorcycles,  means it’s harder and harder for dealers to get their hands on quality stock.

Dealers were awash in used bikes when the economy was booming and people were trading up. Motorcycles were still available after the economy plummeted, when many people who bought with special financing offers could no longer afford to make payments and were forced to give up their rides as a result.

Pageot says part of the problem is “the wonderful world of Craigslist.” “That thing seems to be loaded with used bikes,” he says. “That may be part of the reason I’m not getting some of the used bikes I used to get.”

“I really have nothing I can do,” adds Hudson’t Cycle manager Ben Wheeler. “It’s a free market.”

Posted by Holly Wagner