New Hampshire noise law advances

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Apr 6, 2012

The author of New Hampshire’s existing noise law says the 106-decibel standard in the law he wrote in 1993 is too lax, and a bill that would reduce the limit to 92 db is the answer.

In a hearing before the state’s Senate Transportation Committee, chairman Rep. Sherm Packard testified that House Bill 1442 would rectify an old error.

Packard, the committee chairman, was instrumental in crafting an amendment to the bill that got it through the House overwhelmingly earlier this year. After a contentious hearing in that chamber, the amended bill drew no opposition from riders at a hearing this week.

Two state representatives who opposed the bill said it unfairly singles out motorcycle riders and might threaten rally tourism, according to the Hampton Union.

Dealers and law officers who spoke supported the bill, which allows for field testing of suspected offending bikes. The proposed law also changes the way police would measure motorcycle noise from testing while bike engines are revved, to testing idling bikes.

After its own consideration, the Senate committee will make a recommendation on the bill to the full Senate. No date has been set for that decision.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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