New Jersey city wrestles with rogue ATVs on roads

Publish Date: 
Oct 26, 2012

TRENTON, N.J. – ATV enthusiasts here are agitating for a legal place to ride their vehicles, and it’s getting some attention from the law.

Members of a rider group called the “Wildout Wheelie Boyz” have been posting videos to YouTube showing members on dirt bikes and four-wheelers on Route 29 and other local streets, pulling wheelies and zipping between cars.

Group founder Hubert Lemon told the Times of Trenton the group has about 40 members who would stay off city streets if there were a legal riding area nearby.

Trenton police say ATVs on city roads are causing problems, with ATV operators involved in crashes and shootings. Neighbors complain about the noise. The recent videos posted by YouTube user KingJayKay609, a member of the Wildout Wheelie Boyz, have upset residents.

“When you do that, the police are going to have to get involved,” Trenton police Sgt. Mark Kieffer said. Riders feel that’s unfair.

New Jersey has a law that calls for increased fines for illegal ATV riding, but it has not taken effect because a provision in the regulation required the state Department of Environmental Protection to designate three sites on state-owned land where ATV use is legal.

The three ATV sites must be spread equally between the north, central and south parts of the state, said Larry Ragonese, a DEP spokesman.

“There have been attempts over the past decade to do that, and every time a site that was viable and seemed to make sense was found, there was no support from the local government,” Ragonese said.“We’ve not been able to get a willing municipality to partner with us in this.”

Posted by Holly Wagner